KDP Publishing Goal Tracker

To help you keep track of your self-publishing goals for 2021 we have created a 2021 KDP Publishing Goal Tracker in Google Sheets.

It’s important to set goals in life, but especially in business, to maintain focus and to track performance.  You should read our article on Setting Your Self-Publishing Goals For 2021 for more details on the power of setting SMART goals for your self-publishing business.

We created the 2021 KDP Publishing Goal Tracker so that you can set a Weekly publishing target for your publishing schedule, then track how you are doing against that goal.

The file is View only.  You’ll need to make a copy (needs a Google Account) or download it to use in another platform such as Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet application.

Note: There is conditional formatting in the file which is only tested to work in Google Sheets.  It may need adjustment to work in other applications. I may work on a Microsoft Excel version if this is needed.  Let me know in the comments below if you have any feedback, or would like a version tested in Excel.

Take a look at the Instructions tab in the file to see how to use the main Publishing Goal Tracker tab and if you have questions, please contact us.