January 3, 2022

Kickstart Your Self Publishing Goals For 2022

By Chief Ninja

If you’ve been wondering how to make the most of your self-publishing goals in 2022, or you’re wondering where to get started, then there could be no better place than Nuria Corbi’s Children’s Book Creator Course.

It’s said that we all have a book in us.  In Nuria’s great course, you’ll find out how easy it is to publish yours!

If writing your own children’s picture book has always been a dream of yours, now is your chance to turn that dream into reality in 2022!
You don’t need an expensive publisher, editor or illustrator – this course will show you how you can publish your book all by yourself, within days!

If you already publish on KDP, you probably already have the tools you need, without hiring illustrators or paying for expensive graphics.

All you need is an Amazon KDP account, Canva and Creative Fabrica and Nuria’s wonderful Children’s Book Creator Course

Best of all, from today (3rd January 2022) until the 15th of January you can get the course for $97 instead of $147 if you use the code FLASHJANUARY at checkout!

That’s an amazing offer.

The Nuria Corbi’s Children’s Book Creator Course page explains more about what is included so don’t waste any time checking it out.

Nuria’s books have already won the Royal Dragonfly Book Award, and more recently,  the New England Book Festival.

I’ve done this course myself so can with all honesty I really enjoyed it and have started on my first book already, with others buzzing around my head!

Go straight over and check out the Children’s  Book Creator Course and don’t forget to use the discount code FLASHJANUARY at checkout before 15th January 2022!