Top Tools For KDP Success
December 28, 2020

Top Ten Must Have Tools For KDP Success In 2021

By Chief Ninja


Self-publishing on the Amazon KDP program continues to grow.  It’s the easiest way to get into self-publishing.  Here we’ll take you through our top tools for KDP success in 2021.  There are so many options such as novels, planners, notebooks, logbooks, journals.  If you have more time and creativity, there are activity books such as puzzle books or coloring books.  There are many books already on the platform but room for more.  Just look for that untapped niche and provide quality content.  Remember though,  do not spam the system or you’ll struggle to stand out from the crowd.

We have our list of Resources For Self Publishers page but, as we begin 2021, it’s time to take a look at what we think are the Top Ten Must Have Tools For KDP Success In 2021.

A Word of Caution!

This list isn’t intended to be read as a scale of 10 is the weakest and 1 is the best.  All play an important role in the distinct cycles of low content book publishing as we learn, research, create, publish, and then learn again.  Continuous learning is a vital element of running a low content publishing business of the Amazon KDP platform.  Its ever-changing nature means you have to stay on top of current trends and techniques to remain on top of the game.

So, let’s get started with our list of the tools for KDP success in 2021.


#10: AMZ Suggestion Expander

AMZ Suggestion Expander

This Chrome extension is specifically designed for Amazon Sellers.  It works by expanding the number of search suggestions that are shown in the Amazon search bar.  It shows the keywords that Amazon would suggest before and after the keywords you have entered.

Using the AMZ Suggestion Expander means you can see what Amazon tells you what people are searching for on their own platform.  How valuable is that!  No more guessing what is popular.  You can then narrow down your niche research from there to looks for great opportunities.

Check out AMZ Suggestion Expander in the Chrome Web Store



#9: The Home Boss

Nuria is an entrepreneur who, amongst other things, runs The Home Boss Channel on YouTube. Nuria’s channel is about helping you to make money online with a big focus on low content publishing for Amazon KDP.  Nuria publishes great content for both newbies and experienced publishers and has a great way of getting information across.

Nuria has created an income from the comfort of her own home, and shares her successes on her YouTube Channel, and teaches you how you can do this too.  There is also a Home Boss Facebook Group with lots of tips and you can see what other people are struggling with and how to get over those problems.


#8: SPT Research Extension

KDP / Amazon BSR & Keyword Research SEO Tool (Self Publishing Titans)

This extension will help you with niche & keyword research for KDP & Amazon listings giving you valuable information such as.

  • Amazon BSR (Best Seller Rank)
  • BSR average
  • Price Average
  • Average reviews
  • Keyword / Niche Score
  • Download data option

Check out the Chrome Web Store for more details of the KDP / Amazon BSR & Keyword Research SEO Tool

The Self Publishing Titans have other Chrome extensions on their website but this is certainly the most useful and works well with others such as the  AMZ Suggestion Expander (#10 in our list) and Keywords Everywhere (#6 in our list) to show you good alternatives people are searching for on Amazon as well as the Google search volume – respectively.


#7: Residual Royalty Academy

The Residual Royalty Academy has a number of outlets to improve your KDP self-publishing business.

First, there’s the Residual Royalty Academy YouTube Channel which offers tips and tutorials for both new and experienced publishers for low and no content books.

Run by Matt Logan, the Residual Royalty Academy offers both a free low content publishing course and an advanced low content publishing course. The advanced course is priced very reasonably so is well worth the money if you’re serious about self-publishing.  Matt also has advice on publishing fiction work and audiobooks – a journey he started in 2020.

With the help of the Residual Royalty Academy YouTube Channel and the free Residual Royalty Academy course, you can apply the exact strategies you have learned, put your new skills into practice.

Then, as you apply what you learn and see the opportunities of low content publishing on Amazon, and you’re ready to take your monthly income to the next level take the advanced Royalty Accelerator Course.  There, Matt shows you how to unlock the skills and techniques that he used to take his Low & No Content Publishing Business from $0 to $2500 per month and more.


#6: Keywords Everywhere


This really useful plugin, easily shows keyword search volume, CPC, and competition for 15+ websites like Google Search Console, YouTube, Amazon & more.

Keywords Everywhere is a freemium Chrome extension.  There is a small fee to stock it up with credits to harness its power.  $10 currently buys you 100,000 credits.  So far these have lasted me months.  Remember, turn off the extension when you’re not interested in seeing extended information.  Otherwise, you’ll drain your credits with everyday activity.

It also works within the Google search page to find keywords from your seed keyword.  This shows you keywords that any page ranks for in the SERPs as well as trend data.  These can also both be extracted to CSV for processing, review, and determining the best keywords to focus on.

Check out Keywords Everywhere in the Chrome Web Store


#5: Paul Marles Youtube

Paul is an expert on low and no content publishing.  His YouTube channel is packed with engaging and honest videos that will get you started with Amazon KDP book publishing.

Following these tutorials to create a publishing business and earn an income online from home using your laptop or computer.

He posts content regularly.  Look out for his frank reviews to show you what to do, and what NOT to do for success.  Paul also has his Paul Marles Gumroad store which has both free and paid content but even the paid content is very reasonably priced, with items from as little as $1.

Subscribe to the Paul Marles YouTube Channel and check out his playlist specifically for those new to low content publishing


#4: StackinProfit

On the StackinProfit YouTube Channel Paddy publishes regularly and shows you multiple ways for you to start making money online,  whether It’s through websites, apps or actually building a real business with a lot of focus on low and no content publishing on the Amazon KDP platform.

Paddy has developed a number of StackinProfit courses, a couple of Facebook groups.  There’s a freely available Facebook group, the Stackers Inner Circle, and a private group The LCB Vault which is only open to customers who have bought the LCB Vault course (which is actually 4 courses in one so amazing value)!  The most recent expansion to the LCB Vault course is a comprehensive series of videos on how to research, create and publish Simple Coloring Books and, at last count, had over 10 training videos including bonus content and resources.


#3: Tangent Templates

One of the most useful sites out when you’re looking for tools for KDP success.  Loads of templates and tools you can use to grow your business and speed up the publishing of your content.  The developments keep coming and Katharyne’s enthusiasm is relentless and infectious.

Katharyne Shelton’s YouTube channel covers a variety of her adventures including treasure hunting, as you can tell from its name.  Katharyne has experience ranging from selling yard sale treasures to creating awesome products for Amazon, Shopify, and more.

It’s also the channel where Katharyne and Isaac share what’s happening in the world of Tangent Templates.

Subscribe to Katharyne’s YouTube Channel here and check out some playlists she has created for the amazing Tangent Templates Developments, the Tangent Show which has some great ideas (and will hopefully be back in 2021), and some great tutorials from Tangent Templates’ very own Isaac Gonzales on using Adobe Photoshop.

Tangent List Helper is a free tool designed for users of Tangent Templates. It creates an overlay on Amazon’s KDP dashboard, allowing you to select listing profiles that you have set up in Tangent Templates and autofill your information onto KDP, speeding up the process of listing your books.

The tools and interiors at Tangent Templates are phenomenal and Katharyne & Isaac have continued to add more and more to the platform in the last couple of years, with more planned so it’s amazing value. The Listing Helper alone will save you hours when creating listings for low and no content books.

Check out the Tangent Templates Listing Helper in the Chrome Web Store now.  You will NEED this tool


#2: Creative Fabrica


To get the most out of tools like Canva you’ll really benefit from a wider range of graphics and fonts to use.  Many people don’t go to the extra effort to create original content.  You must do this to make your designs stand out from the competition.

You can combine lots of different images and fonts to create some really unique content.

There are a few sites like Creative Fabrica such as Creative Market, Design Bundles and each has its pros and cons and has different content so check out which one suits your needs best.

Creative Fabrica is one of the best as it offers a great range of graphics, vector files, bundles, fonts, and even KDP interiors – many of which you can customize to your own needs – and you should customize them to make your content unique from the competition and improve your chance of KDP success.

Check Out Creative Fabrica


#1: Canva

Canva is an extremely powerful tool for creating all sorts of content and artwork without any artistic skills necessary. It’s one of our most valuable tools for KDP success.

It’s great for creating book interiors and covers giving you lines, boxes, frames, image elements, photos, backgrounds, and fonts.  If you subscribe to the monthly fee, you have access to more assets and fonts.  With the paid version, you can also upload your own images and fonts (check you are licensed to do so).  Such a powerful tool for creating and enhancing your book library to grow your KDP success and you can do so much with the free version of Canva, and only update to the paid version when you have seen the free benefits and want MORE!.

Then, when you have created your books, there is SO MUCH MORE you can continue to benefit from Canva.  Create all the marketing content you need for your social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

Remember, there’s a free version that is very powerful.  To take your content up a notch, the paid version allows you to do great things like:

  • Access MUCH more image and font content
  • Create unlimited folders
  • Upload your own fonts (subject to you having the right license)

Check Out Canva for yourself and decide for yourself if it’s worth our #1 ranking but remember what we said at the start.  All our Top Ten Must Have Tools For KDP Success In 2021 bring benefits at different stages of your KDP success workflow.  Check them all out and decide for yourself which ones work for you.

Hopefully, these tools for KDP success will inspire you to great things in 2021.  Please feel free to add your comments below.  We check them all before adding them to keep the response constructive and SPAM-free!